AFIN starts its lending activity

The first non-banking financial institution in Romania with private capital dedicated exclusively to the social economy sector starts its lending activity. Starting from March 20, 2023, businesses with social impact can submit applications to obtain a loan.


AFIN IFN S.A. aims to provide flexible and sustainable solutions for financing social businesses and is launching three types of loans:

All loans offered are in RON (Romanian Leu) to protect entrepreneurs and their businesses from the risk of currency fluctuations or other additional risks. The average value of a financing will be 100,000 lei, correlated with the size of the activity and the repayment capacity of the beneficiary.

AFIN IFN S.A. will also provide assistance in the loan application process and throughout the lending process, as well as consultancy and mentoring throughout the collaboration.


We stand by your side with confidence and respect for greater good in the community! Discover the products and services we place at disposal of social entrepreneurs.