AFIN NBFI S.A. presents a new premiere in the Romanian social economy landscape! The first financial institution authorized as a social enterprise in Romania. 90% of profits will be reinvested

AFIN NBFI SA's social mission to support social entrepreneurs with financial instruments is now officially recognised. Last week we reached a new milestone in AFIN's operation, following the principles of the social economy every step of the way, as promised.


AFIN NBFI SA has been certified as a social enterprise by the Iasi County Agency for Employment (AJOFM). The social mission of our organisation was included in the Articles of Association from the very beginning and has now been officially recognised by the authorities. This certification attests to the social obligations that AFIN commits for: to respect its social mission, to reinvest at least 90% of the organization's profits in order to add value to the economic operators with a social impact that we support, and to have a fair wage policy.

This is the second step of AFIN NBFI SA after its establishment as a joint stock company.


AFIN is currently in the process of registering as an NFI with the General Registry of the NBR.


According to the documents filed with the Trade Register, AFIN NBFI S.A. has 170 founding shareholders. The next step is to register AFIN NBFI SA with the National Bank of Romania as a non-bank financial institution, for which the file with the necessary documents has already been submitted.


AFIN NBFI S.A. will become a UNIQUE Romanian entity because it will be:


  • The first Romanian non-banking institution having included in its articles of incorporation the organization’s mission statement;
  • The first Romanian non-banking institution to function as a social enterprise (90% of the profit will be reinvested);
  • primul IFN cu capital privat care va oferi împrumuturi primordial / cu prioritateorganizațiilor de economie socială din România.

We will keep you posted on the entire process of the establishment of the latest financing institution dedicated to the social economy sector. 


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