AFIN IFN S.A. has become member of the international network Microfinance Center

Microfinance Center (MFC) is a leading microfinance network, currently uniting over 100 microfinance institutions (MFIs), social investors, country level networks and support organizations across 36 countries in Europe and Central Asia, a network that shapes the regional and global standards for the sector.

As part of a community of practitioners and experts, AFIN IFN S.A. will have the opportunity to take part in joint campaigns, participate in action-research and technical support projects, and engage with the peer network on current industry trends and challenges.


As MFC Member AFIN IFN S.A. will be able to:

- influence development strategy for the sector by participating in MFC Council (Description MFC governance)

- belong to the group of the Region’s key players in microfinance and be linked to global and regional stakeholders

- enjoy the synergy of collaboration generated by the network, make new connections and deals, and lay ground for exciting partnerships, referral to MFIs, fintechs, social investors, associations by MFC 

- have access to consulting opportunities

- take part in MFC sector development projects and/or receive technical assistance, updates, guidelines and research results on hot topics for development of microfinance institutions


" AFIN’s admission as a member of the Microfinance Center confirms our firm commitment to be a responsible player in the microfinance market in the region. This new status opens up numerous opportunities for collaboration and development, but also determines us to maintain or even raise the standards of work with our clients. Microfinancing, especially for the social economy sector, is still at the beginning of the road in Romania, but now we have many models of good practices in Europe or in other parts of the world from which we can borrow ideas for implementation", says Felicia Relenschi, CEO of AFIN IFN S.A.


You can find out more about MFC on the institution's official website www.mfc.org.pl.